Sweet and Sour Crescent Shrimp Poppers

sweetandsourcrescentshrimppoppersThe way they fly off a platter, you’d think these shrimp had wings!


  • 1 can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
  • 16 cooked deveined peeled medium shrimp, thawed if frozen, with tail shells left on
  • 1/2 cup sweet-and-sour sauce
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons Sriracha sauce


  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Separate dough into 8 triangles on work surface. Using pizza cutter, cut each triangle lengthwise in half.
  2. Pat shrimp dry, then break slightly in center to straighten. Place 1 shrimp at tip of triangle, and roll toward shortest side of triangle. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake 16 to 20 minutes or until dark golden brown.
  3. Meanwhile, in small bowl, mix sweet-and-sour sauce and Sriracha sauce. Serve crescent shrimp with sauce mixture.


  • Be sure to thoroughly pat the shrimp dry to make sure the dough doesn’t get soggy.
  • No sweet-and-sour sauce in the fridge? These also taste great alongside barbecue or cocktail sauce.
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